All About Brows!

I think almost all women have seen and know about brow defining pencils.  Many women of my generation grew up watching their mom “put her brows on” using this method.  I know I did!  I think that may be one of the reasons so many women my age do not use any brow definer – they think it is only for “old” women, and/or women who have little to no brow hair.  I, myself, thought this for a long time – until I tried defining my brows and saw how much it improved my overall appearance!

With that said, it can still be a bit of a process figuring out which brow defining method is the best for you.  Do you want very dramatcally defined brows, or a more natural looking brow?  Either way, your brow can be defined using the old standard brow pencil, or a plethora of other products.  The picture below shows my eye with some of the products I have tried.

Of course the first ever brow definer I tried was a pencil. It was ok, but I wanted to try and find something more natural looking. That led me to the Tarte brow mousse. For quite a while, I LOVED this brow look. I still do when I am wearing a very dramatic eye shadow look. However, when I am wearing a more neutral look, I felt this brow look could be a bit harsh and the focus became my brow, instead of my eye, which was NOT what I wanted. So I decided to try a brow shadow. I am kind of an odd ball, in that I have rather dark hair and rather light skin. This made it a bit tricky to find a shadow color that matched my hair color while not appearing too dark on my light skin. That is why I tried mixing some BFTE brown shadows.
Then, the other day, as I was browsing Milani products at the store (they were on sale!), I noticed they had a felt tipped brow tint pen.  I was intrigued, and since it was on sale, I decided to try it!  I am so glad that I did!  It is now my new favorite definer for neutral looks! I feel it really does define well, and even fills in my sparse areas without looking fake, and the color is not too dark, nor too light.  LOVE, love, love it!

What is your favorite brow product?  Do you like natural or dramatic looking brows, or like me, do you like both depending on the overall look?  Which of these products above do you like best on me??  Let me know in the comments below!

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