Benjabelle Brush Tree Review

For Christmas, my awesome hubby bought me one of the coolest makeup tools I have ever seen! The Benjabelle Brush Tree!

I am so in love with this ingenious product!  The Benjabelle brush tree has 14 soft silicone like openings to hold your makeup brushes.  The openings are large enough to accommodate the largest handled brushes, yet still grip the smallest detailer brush as well.  (I put 2 of my smaller brushes in each opening, although it is not necessary.  The opening will grip a single small brush, but it will hold it at more of an angle by itself than when 2 or 3 are put in it.)

You can push the brushes up through the bottom, pointing down as I have shown here, for the purpose of drying your brushes.

This is the reason I really wanted this brush tree.  I feel that drying your brushes laying flat is ok, but it allows water to stay sitting inside the ferrule, which overtime can break up the glue that holds your brush together.  You can prop something under your towel  or roll the edge up to allow the brush to lay at a somewhat downward angel to help with this as pictured here:

Another option is sliding brush guards on your brushes and sitting them in a cup to dry as seen here:

However, I am not a huge fan of brush guards for drying purposes.  (I do like them for travel, though!) They are a mesh fabric, so they do allow air to get to the brush, however, they also compress the brush rather tight, and in my experience, while the outer hairs of the brush will dry well using this method, the inner hair tends to stay damp for quite a while, especially on very large dense brushes.

Anyway, the Benjabelle Brush tree is the most perfect solution for drying your brushes.  It keeps them completely pointed down, so all the water can drip out while not compressing the hairs or damaging the handles.  Plus, you can also flip the brushes pointing up to use it as a brush holder/display.

The Brush tree easily pops together/apart so it is travel friendly, and it is easily wiped clean.  Other than the pretty pink color I have, it also comes in black or white.  Each brush tree is hand made in Ben & Jan’s workshop in Madison, WI, so your purchase supports small business.  You can purchase your own brush tree for $34.95 at

*Disclaimer* I was in no way compensated for this review, and I do not now, nor will I ever do a paid review.  I always give my true opinion of products, and promise to always do so. You can read my disclosure policy here.

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