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I just wanted to give everyone a quick update on some things, that will probably end up not being so quick. haha!

The first thing is in regards to my youtube channel.  I am still working on finding an affordable video editor.  It turns out that Windows Movie Maker isn’t all that bad of a video editor, and I could use it in a pinch, but I still want to get something that allows me to fast forward the boring and repetitive parts of makeup application. So in the meantime, I have been trying to do some quick eye videos, but the problem is – I am so blind without my glasses. I generally use a hand mirror & apply my makeup single handed. I haven’t found a way to apply my makeup without the hand mirror either being in the way of the video camera or making weird reflections with the lighting, etc. I’m not sure what to do about that. I don’t even own contact lenses anymore, because I have such severe chronic dry eye, my eyes just wont allow me to wear them for hardly any length of time at all. Perhaps long enough to make a video, but I don’t know. I really want to get lasik, but that probably wont be happening anytime soon. Anybody have any ideas or suggestions??

Second, I wanted to tell you all just a little about the brushes I bought and am trying out.  Some of you may know that Ulta occasionally will send a coupon in the mail to their “ULTAmate Rewards” members for 20% off.  I got one of those last week.  I also had $6 worth of rewards points accumulated.  I have been eyeing the “Real Techniques” brushes by Sam Chapman, which are only sold online and at Ulta.  So I thought this was the perfect time to go ahead and get them!  I bought the starter kit and the core collection.

These retail at $17.99 each and with my 20% off and rewards, I got both sets for just over $24 including tax!  So far they are mostly fabulous!  I will do a detailed review on them soon!

Ok, the last thing I feel like talking about tonight is eye brows.  There are only a couple things that I find difficult to do when it comes to makeup, but brows are one of them.  I have tried various brow pencils, brow mousse, and brow powders/shadows.  So far, I seem to much prefer the mousse and shadow over the pencils.  That aside, though, I am having some difficulty picking the best shade for me.  My complexion is on the fair side, but my natural hair color is dark brown.  I feel like my brow hairs are so dark that they are almost black.  Therefore, when I pick a brow powder or shadow that is dark brown, I feel it looks unnatural, because you can see how much darker my brow hair is than the powder in my sparse spots as seen here:

However, when I choose a darker shadow, I feel that it also looks unnatural in contrast with my pale skin tone, as seen here:

(Please forgive the crappy makeup in the last picture, I was just messing with colors, so I wasn’t trying to be neat!)

It occurs to me that the dark color may just be shocking to me simply because I am not used to it.  However, I would like some opinions!  Which do you think looks better?  Do you have any shade/product suggestions for me?  Please leave them in the comments below!

Also, while I am asking for opinions, I want to know which blog background you all like best:






or the current retro blocks?

Anyway, I am going to try and get a new tutorial posted tomorrow!  Hope you are all having a fantastic week!

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