Sugarpill Review & looks!!

I recently made my first purchase from Sugarpill Cosmetics during their birthday sale.  If you are not familiar with Sugarpill, they are relatively new, it was their 3rd birthday!  The past couple years I have heard nothing but wonderful things about them and I was excited to finally try them!  They are known for their intense bold colors, which as you know, is totally my style!
Here is what I got:

The Burning Heart Palette and Loose Pigment in Darling.

I will say that my first impression of their customer service was not the best.  I placed my order on the 14th of February and did not receive it until March 4th.  They had stated on their website that while orders are usually shipped within 1-3 business days, some orders from the sale may not ship until Feb 20th.  My order did not ship until March 1st.  I e-mailed them on the 25th and they told me that some items went on backorder during the sale and they were supposed to arrive to them from the supplier on the 18th in order for them to be able to fulfill & ship all the sale purchases by the 20th.  Unfortunately, that did not happen.  I understand that was out of their control and they did apologize to me for the inconvenience, however, had I not e-mailed them, they would not have told me that or communicated anything at all.  (I know this through chatting with others who also had to wait like me.)  I feel good customer service would have been to send an e-mail to those waiting on their orders on the 20th letting them know what was going on instead of leaving us hanging.

At any rate, the colors were sooooo worth the wait!!  They are by far the most richly pigmented shadows I own, they blend easily, and the amount you get for the money actually makes their regular prices a pretty good deal and the sale prices almost steal!

Here is the first look I made with them.  I used Darling, Poison Plum, & Flamepoint, & Buttercupcake! I also used Urban Decay Cosmetics 24/7 Pencil in Psychedelic Sister on lower lashline.

and here is another look I did using just Buttercupcake & Darling:

and last, a look I did using all 4 colors of the Burning Heart Palette:

So, their awesome products have redeemed their slightly subpar customer service experience for me, as I am pretty much in love with Sugarpill at this point and can’t wait to get more!

Do you own any Sugarpill?  If so, what is your fav?  Let me know your thoughts below!